Getting a new server on master server list..

Ian mu mu.llamas at
Wed Jan 25 05:28:47 EST 2006

Hiya, just wondered if anyone knew the situation with the cod2 master server

Have 10 or so servers on different machines/ip:portss which show up fine,
upped a new one yesterday and its still not showing. I believe the master
servers are hard coded in (I have tried adding the master server lists as
well, but doesn't make any difference), and it shows its sending the
heartbeat fine.

Was googling and some people say that it only updates every so often
(i.emaybe not even once a day), does anyone know if this is the case?
don't want to spend lots of time if it will update tomorrow and be ok, just
a bit confused. There's no firewall issues and other servers show fine, have
also tried a mirror of an install on one that shows, with a different port
and didn't appear either.

Anyone had much experience and know if there's normally a delay getting a
server up on the list? (have been using the checker
as well as ingame).

Thanks in advance,

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