Any word on ETA of PB and patch?

Mark J. DeFilippis defilm at
Mon Jan 23 00:54:05 EST 2006

Anyone heard anything on patch?

The PB, hoping for some larger maps for servers > 25-35 users.
Been a month since Evenbalance put up their contract release.

In the patch, hope they fix the target boxes again.  Nothing
like running and the target box is 2+ feet behind you, so bullets
behind you are a hit. Worst I have seen is when you fall the
target box seems to expand on the Y axis. If you are shot
on the way down, you can aim 3+ feet above and still kill.
Forget the head shot!  I look for the rifle shot to the foot.
1 shot kill every time. lol.  That foot can be a size 28 nike
or at least the hit box is.

Well, just thinking out loud a bit:

Not all bad came out of the delay. Forced the clan to look
at other FPS's. So we have a DOD:S division and compete
on CAL, which is 90%+ CS and CSS.
Dunno, but I have to wonder if we will still be playing COD2
by the time the patch comes out??

Honestly, saw the info on MOH: Airborne. It sounds like it
will be awesome, with all the new technology. But I have
to think it is near time to move on... WWII is getting old.
CS and CSS, the most popular on-line fps's by far have
nothing to do with WWII and outlived every other shooter
except perhaps Doom :)  Not really knowing much
about the MOH Airborne, I am not sure I will even be
interested enough to buy it come "Winter 2006".  yawn.


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