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Quint van Drosthagen cod at se-easy.net
Thu Jan 19 08:50:56 EST 2006

Same here... Good luck my brother...;-)


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Quint van Drosthagen schrieb:

>WoW nice logfile size... Big server....;-) No I'm just hosting a 12 players
>tdm and a 12 players ctf... So my log will not be that big...;-)
>So if I'm correct you say that vsp has a DoS security issue, and you are
>saying if you hav a choice pick one of the others... But I like vsp it
>very nice... Damn.... 
>I have a lot of tips now... And want to thank you all for helping me... I
>will look around and pick one...
Vsp is a very fine program for our needs. I´m actually using it. But you 
should be aware, that some unwanted things could happen
I saw no ideal stats program until now. The best program would combine 
html output in combination with vsp´s savestate feature and mohsta´s 
detailed user stats.
Unhappyly I´m not able to write something like that because I´m too busy 
by administrating our existing servers, defending attacks, dealing with 
trolls and so on:(
The end of month will come...

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