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Quint van Drosthagen cod at se-easy.net
Tue Jan 17 14:55:10 EST 2006

Huh what. I see in the forum that there still building on it. Are they
finished yet. Ok is this packed in the call of duty Expansions???


Ok I will look at it..





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vsp will work with cod2.



From: Quint van Drosthagen [mailto:cod at se-easy.net] 
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Hi all,


I have a question. I am looking for a stats generator to create stats on my
site. I saw a lot of good generators out there for cod2 but there all
windows based. I'm running my server on a linux based platform, and I'm
looking for a stats generator that runs on linux. I saw that vsp does it but
this generator has not yet support for cod2 (there working on it I saw).


Now my question does anybody knows a linux based generator.


Thanks for the help


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