[cod] Linux binaries with new patch?

Lestat lestat at aresgames.com
Sun Feb 26 19:03:51 EST 2006

They better do a Linux patch at the same time or COD2 will be in trouble till it's out...

Remember the last BF1942/Bfvietnam patch that put about 70% of the server inusable because they are on Linux...

Not doing a Linux patch is like killing 70% of the server if not more... So mean making 70% of the players mad at iwn

Since they do a linux server they must continue to update it or the game will die by not having anymore server
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  Will the new linux binaries be released when the patch will be released to? Are you testing them while testing the patch?

  And will some of the bugs / reports posted at bugzilla be solved in the new binaries?

  Or don't we need new binaries at all?


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