[cod] Seg fault with mods

Kevin M soldierofbal at rogers.com
Fri Feb 3 11:51:12 EST 2006

I'm running linux with the 1.0a binaries using Pam 2.01 Final
No problems to report. Are you using the fs_game method?


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However I cant get the 1.0a binaries to work with the PAM mod? Just
wondering if everybody else has that problem? it crashes after calling a
competition rule.


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If you're using the 1.0 binaries you'll get this.  The 1.0a binaries fixes
this issue.

DaesDemon wrote:
> Hi again mates,
> As soon i use a mod for my linux server i get a Segmentation fault ,
> what ever mod i tried.
> I tried AdmiralMod , powerser, awe
> I tried with fs_game or directly in the main, but it changes nothing.
> Do you suceeded in installing mods with linux servers?

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