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Kevin M soldierofbal at rogers.com
Fri Feb 3 08:20:01 EST 2006

A member of our clan has been recently employed by Activision.
For obvious reasons, he can't say anything about an ETA but I've
known him for some time and I get the impression it will be before
the end of February.

He has said, like others have, it's better to wait for a good patch than for
a patch that is just as shitty.

My opinion. They know they screwed up! They want to make sure it's
going to be a whopper of a patch. PB will also be included. Punkbuster
can be debated for the next 100 years but at the very least will serve as a


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  I have used every back-door I know of to get info, and have
  received no info, and some of these sources I know if they
  knew something, they would say so.

  They really screwed up this game. What a real shame.
  The Gaming Clan I sponsor is in TWL and CAL. I run it very
  democratically, and sometimes it takes on a life of it own.

  I was somewhat shocked when I saw the poll on our
  website where after much back and forth they have decided
  to drop COD2 because the hacks out there are just too much,
  it is ruining the game, and they are tired of waiting.  It is not the
  first time a publisher has killed a game.  Look at the entire MOH series.

  We have loads of screen caps during TWL and CAL matches
  that clearly show aimbots, wall hacks, exploits being used,
  and there is no way to enforce it.  I suspect much longer and
  what you will have left is the die-hards that always follow a game
  but it is too late for {TRv}Team-Ravage. We are checking out.

  However, everyone is excited at this time about MOH Airborne
  because they are optimists, and they hold out hope EA won't mess
  up another one.  However, being human, one can only take so
  much cheating before it just isn't fun anymore.

  Time to move on.  My humble thanks to Steve, Jay, and others who
  continue to help others while taking on the job of "real beta testers".
  Hope to see ya on the MOH list when the time comes for Airborne release.


  At 04:36 AM 2/3/2006, you wrote:

    Nudge.. please if some one knows something share. Were not going to hold ya to ya word.. just give us hope... "early next year" means January to me .. coz im a optimist ... what does it mean to you?
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      This is aimed mostly at the guys from IW (Bryan!) but with a patch due out, I was wondering if there is any more information available regarding its release date? 

      I dont mean to sound like a whining gamer begging for it A.S.A.P as I totally understand that you guys are busy and you have all done an awesome job so far. I am really happy that the patch will include PB support as thats what the community really needs right now. I was just wondering if there was a release date 'pencilled in'.



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