[cod] message mods crash linux server

Jerry Zimmerman van Woesik bambam at bambamlan.xs4all.nl
Fri Nov 18 15:25:28 EST 2005

Just to be sure,

could anyone post a link to the *latest* linux binaries ?

Thnx Kevin for Replying

Kevin M wrote:

>I'm running Linux(Cent-Os) on version 1.0a
>Worm's powerserver(message center built-in)
>No problems on the latest release.
>Make sure you actually have the 1.0a version. Some people have packed up
>1.0 and said it was 1.0a. This happened to me.
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>Subject: [cod] message mods crash linux server
>>Hi all,
>>Can anyone confirm that when a mod on a linux server is using onscreen 
>>messages (like welcome messages or a message center) and it is enabled. 
>>That the server will crash as soon as a message should be displayed ?
>>I have seen this behaviour on the latest linux server files, suse 10 
>>with : Worms Powerserver and Bell's AWE 3.0 beta.
>>Best regards.

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