[cod] PB for COD2 news?

Click Bouyow click at deadboneplatoon.com
Mon Nov 14 09:34:00 EST 2005

I don't think the system Garetjax is working on works that way.  It blocks
changes to the DirectX code, so that the cheats can't work.  It does not try
to identify cheaters, as such.  It just stops them.  Since he is a member of
this group, he can probably explain it a bit better, unless he is under and
NDA.  I do know that he was scheduled to deliver a working copy to ATVI last


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Where is his site? How will they honor the bans? Will there be a site 
compariable to www.punksbusted.com?
Example: If I get banned because of a program I had running in the 
background... how would I go about defending myself and getting the ban 

Anyone know?

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> Activision has stated that there will be an AC patch, but they did not
> confirm, nor deny, Punkbuster.  I believe they are seriously looking at 
> the
> Anticheat by Garetjax.
> http://www.iwnation.com/Forums/index.php?showtopic=16588
> John
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> I've been out of town lately - any news on a patch that will include PB
> for COD2? If we don't hear anyting possitive soon we will have to drop
> support for the game so I need to know If I missed some new
> development.....
> Thanks!
> Luke

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