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Jim Mayes jim.mayes at onemean.net
Fri Nov 11 08:37:58 EST 2005

Also an issue with sv_fps throwing the bomb timers off. Bombs would explode
before the clock had fully counted down. Bombs would set & defuse before the
progress bar reached the full time. So if you run S&D, keep an eye out for
those issues too.





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My initial guess would be clients that have their snaps set at 20 for those
that it increases by as they'd be received less packets, those who have it
set to 40+ would be fine. If it works the same as the Q3 engine vars, it
only works in discrete steps, and anyone under that value may suddenly only
be receiving 15 packets/second or a different amount actually less than the
default 20. There was also the issue in some games of upping sv_fps changing
the wep physics so need to be a bit wary (it did in rtcw for example). Not
sure if that latter part applies to cod2 in any way at all, just need to be
cautious in case. 




On 11/11/05, Stephane <armageddon21 at sympatico.ca> wrote: 



 I was trying to tweak my "tickrate" or I think in COD its sv_fps, maybe
something else I am not sure. 


If I put sv_fps to 40 instead of 20 ,   half the people will decrease in
ping  from 40 to 25 ish .  but  half others will increase from 40 to 80 !!! 

Why is it decreasing ping for some and increasing for others ?


Am I tweaking the wrong var ?  



Thanks guys!



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I ran across this today.


By entering these commands into console, a player can turn off background






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