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James Landi jim at landi.net
Mon Nov 7 05:29:28 EST 2005

Now that's nice, not only do they use a wall hack they feel, IW/Activision
can't do anything about them, so they advertise it on your server. 

Another slap in the admin's face.....

Here is what IW/Activsion should do:

1) create an internal team to get a working (underline working) patch out
2) create a team kind of like Activision's visioneers (sp?) to help test,
the patch, but with us admins who are willing to offer our services for free
(ok I can't speak for everyone, but most of us would be honored to help out)
3) This is a big one!  Use the feed back, from this team  to actually put
out a working patch.  Some of you may know I was part of EA's MOHteam. We
beta tested and offered feedback regarding the game before it was released
as well as helped test the patch.  Great idea EA but they forgot to listen
to us and fix any bugs we found or suggestions we offered.  They did add
some but not the really important ones.
4) Be a little more proactive with your community/customers. I understand
that the dev team worked their butts off and goes on vacation right after a
game is released ( I could be wrong but this is what happened after the
first CoD) but with all due respect, the dev team should be sticking around
after the game is launched to fix any issues it may and will have. There has
not been one game released in this industry that was bug free upon it's
5) Please continue with patches and possibly free content like maps/dev mods
would be really cool/additional weapons well after the game is released.  

Where begging you to let us help spot and fix some of the issues and build a
stronger relationship with your community/customers. We are passionate about
this hobby of ours and are willing to work for a t-shirt;) or simply
recognition that we helped a great game we all love to support.

PS has anyone every received any information on the visionneers program or
actually got in?  I was another admin who tried to sign up for the
Activisions beta test program to never hear from them.

Sorry to rant, but where all simply trying to help.


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aimbot/wallhack program has finally been made public. admins, be on
the watch out - it spams a message every now and then. "I am using
<botname> by <author>- and you can download it <website>"

Geoff Goas, Administrator
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