[cod]PunkBuster Problem

Jay Vasallo jayco1 at charter.net
Tue Mar 8 12:01:50 EST 2005

MessageThey need to download this file here... 
Place it in their pb folder and double click the file.


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  Have been running cod servers for months and months now, but over the last week or so, players have been complaining that they are being kicked by punkbuster for not having the same version as the servers

  I have looked at the pb log file (sv_viol.log << is that the correct log file?) and I see a lot of these entries

  VIOLATION (AUTO-UPDATE FAILURE) blah blah blah This PB Server Requires (A1342 C1.153) - Error loading pbag [5ec870c5af8399e806bfd5fe660c17ae(VALID)
  VIOLATION (COMFAIL) blah blah blah PB INIT FAILURE [d9e53f48c8ec90ea71b6ab7468f51490(VALID)

  Any Ideas? I have also run pbweb updater twice now but it still isnt solving the problem

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