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Jay Vasallo clanwarz at gmail.com
Thu Dec 22 09:20:14 EST 2005

On 12/22/05, Kevin M <akaelite at rogers.com> wrote:
> It's really up to you guys. But I'm a new Linux admin and
> may pick up some tips from other admins. I still have a lot to learn
> and it's a real pain to have to search for everything through engines.
> Merry Kristmakah :)
> Kevin

Last year, we had a person by the name of Pablo on the mailing list. He was
quite a character I might add. He was on the mailing list for two months.
Every once and a while he would interject something like, "Well who is going
to donate to me for my crashed servers!" or he would give us his top command
output from time to time. His top command output would show us a reading of
99.9 for his cpu.

So one day he started to curse out DeltaRay on the mailing list. Quite funny
I might add but not called for. If anyone is from PsB or Sof2 they all know
DeltaRay from the UltraStats he made for us, back in the day.

Upon viewing Pablo's One Hundred line config, we noticed he was missing the
fs_game path to start the UO mod. Well I never knew you could start a mod
without it so I placed the fs_game line of code in his start file and it

Give me a few days and I will post my findings on the fs_game and the mods
for cod2 with Geoff.

Promise =o)
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