[cod] [COD2] High PIngs

Jay Vasallo jayco1 at charter.net
Mon Dec 19 15:37:16 EST 2005

Didn't see this one, sorry for the double sugestion.

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  As you can see you only have 32MB Free 1554900k total,  1522112k used,    32788k free, 
  and dont have a swap partition wich is bad.
  So the problem shound reside in this. You should add more mem to it and create a swap partition :)


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    slots is 20, run top command:

    top - 18:36:16 up 1 day, 10:58,  1 user,  load average: 1.20, 1.27, 1.46
    Cpu(s): 19.9% us,  0.8% sy,  0.3% ni, 78.3% id,  0.2% wa,  0.2% hi,  0.3% si
    Mem:   1554900k total,  1522112k used,    32788k free,    74032k buffers

    On 19/12/05, Equipa Comercial <comercial at alojamentonaweb.com> wrote: 

      I have a amd Mobile 2500+ with 1.5Gb Ram voice chat and its ok.

      How many slots are you using ? if you use more than 40 with just 1gb memory ping should get high, you can test is its a memory problem typing the 'top' command in ssh console, if thats the case increase yuor memory and you sould be ok, if not maybe its your connection, you can test it also doing a tracert to your server's ip.
      Hope it helps


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        Forgot to mention, usually about 5-10 players are about 50ish ping and the rest are all over 100 and are about 150

        Even when I connect, im hitting 150+ pings but on my normal cod server I usually average about 30-50

        On 19/12/05, Carlo < carlomoretto at gmail.com> wrote: 
          machine is dual pentium 3 with 1gig ram on 100mbit line, on mandrake 10.1

          voice chat is enabled and quality is 9 and havent heard anyone talking on it yet...ill try disabling it and see if it makes a difference

          havent got a value for fps, what should I set it to?

          sv_maxrate is set to 9000, is that ok?


          On 19/12/05, Jay Vasallo < clanwarz at gmail.com> wrote: 

            On 12/19/05, Paul Thompson < bono_2u2 at ntlworld.com> wrote: 
              i have been on a few servers who have the voise chat enable and they have laged the server out really bad i dont know y but its a possibiliey so give it a try just turn it off and see what u get 


            The only reason I can think of where the voice enabled would lag a server would be becasue the server is either a home server or on a 3 meg line. If you rent your machine from a datacenter, I would suggest upgrading to a 100 mbs port. As long as you don't go over the maximum allowed bandwidth for the entire month, you should be fine. 


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