[cod] [COD2] High PIngs

Jay Vasallo jayco1 at charter.net
Mon Dec 19 12:56:52 EST 2005

Why would voice chat lag a server?
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  do u have the voise chat enable coz when people use that it can lag i seen on other servers
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    Could be a few things, a few that sometimes sneak by (assuming the others on the same box are fine) are sv_fps, check its the same, same with sv_maxrate. Is it high pings for "everyone" ? As that may give some clues, and what kind of pings ? (also might be worth giving a bit more info on machine spec and server config). 

    On 12/19/05, Carlo <carlomoretto at gmail.com> wrote: 
      Hi guys, only just joined the list so not sure if this has been asked yet but does anybody else have problems with high pings on their servers? I also run 2 cod servers on the same box and their pings are ok......I do remember  the same problem with cod but that was eventually sorted 


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