[cod] Oversight

John Kennington gadruid at bellsouth.net
Thu Oct 7 21:10:44 EDT 2004

George Poteat wrote:

> I know I'm blind.... comes with being 64 in about 13 days I suppose....LOL
> But, what is the command for turning on the Chevrons above friendly 
> forces? And can it be done through RCON on a game to game basis?
> Just FYI, started UO and no crashes "YET" (2 weeks) so I'm still 
> paying the preacher! Running 2 copies of COD, 1 of CODUO and 1 of SOF2 
> on the same IP, different ports along with Teamspeak. We like COD! Oh, 
> and at times we run BFV! Just left UO with 12 current users.
> George Poteat,
> 'Gramps' of -]NCA[- Clan
> Server renter/Admin

It is set scr_drawfriend "1"


John Kennington
"....waiting on the pier 'till Charon comes...."

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