[cod] Linux Server not showing in Local game listing

Idzard Kwadijk iwv at home.nl
Fri Nov 12 15:22:26 EST 2004

if you're running a server on a local LAN it is probably in your FILTER 
settings on the client. Set it to show all types (pure/unpure etc) and 
you'll be fine.

Glanzer wrote:
> Hi all you Linux CoD gurus.  Here's a tough one for you....  I contacted 
> Activision about this bug, and was told to go to codadmin.com.  so I 
> went to codadmin.com and no one knew the answer.....
> QUESTION:  Why does a Linux CoD server not appear in the "Local" server 
> list in the game when the server and gaming PC are both on the same 
> subnet and the server is started using the parameter "+set dedicated 1"? 
>  There is no firewall between the server and the gaming PC.  Both the 
> server and the client are running version 1.4.  The client CAN connect 
> to the server by pulling down the console and entering the command 
> "/connect xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx:port#".
> This problem was reported by another user and I verified the problem by 
> testing it.  If interested, see the discussion thread at the URL 
> below because it has tons more details including all the stuff we tried 
> to get it solved:
> http://www.codboards.com/index.php?showtopic=4542
> --Glanzer
> (Moderator of http://www.codboards.com)

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