And with the patch the problem with NAT is back

Boy_One (COD System Admin) cod at
Sat Jan 31 19:07:36 EST 2004

Hi all,


I posted this before and with your help i got it working to log on to my own server. But now with the patch installed the problem is back. For you who doesn't know my problem a little info.


I have a server running on my linux machine at home. This machine also gives me NAT to the internet. Now when i try to connect to it from inside my LAN he tries to AUTH me by activision with my internal network address.


Before the patch he timed out and let me in. But now with the new patch it is starting allover again. I know somebody said this was put on a list to look at and maybe solve it. Is this done so and if the answer is yes,  is there a cvar i have to set to let me connect to my server again. Or is my nightmare back... :-( I hope not. Who can help me...




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