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John Kennington john.kennington at buzzcard.gatech.edu
Fri Jan 30 15:06:14 EST 2004

We got the same error.  We finally just installed it on a windows
machine and uploaded the pak0.pak to the server.  It did the trick.  The
160meg version is available at www.codadmin.com.  

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I applied the patch using xdelta and I got this error when tries to run 
the server..

------- Game Initialization -------
gamename: Call of Duty
gamedate: Jan 26 2004

******* script compile error *******
unknown function: (file 'maps\mp\gametypes\tdm.gsc', line 682)
ERROR: ^Uscript compile error
(see console for details)

Turned out the reason was that I had the PoolMaster Realism Mod 
installed. Once that was removed it worked.

Bryan Kuhn wrote:

>friday morning!

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