[cod] Log file rotation

Boco karinosso at comcast.net
Tue Jan 27 16:32:08 EST 2004

Would it be possible to copy the file to another directory, then erase 
the contents of the file?  Could that make it work?

- Boco

Christopher Kunz wrote:

> VG Ops wrote:
>> Has anyone had any problems with setting up log file rotation. If 
>> find that if I move the games_mp.log file (to say games_mp.1.gz) then 
>> CoD does not start a new games_mp.log and wont write to an empty 
>> games_mp.log put in its place (a touched file). In fact, the only way 
>> I seem able to get cod to start writing to the log is to restart the 
>> server. :-(
> That is normal behavior for nearly all unix based applications. Since 
> files are internally represented as file descriptors which are 
> typically opened upon starting the application (here: the cod server) 
> and closed while shutting down the application, there is no way for 
> the server to know if the file has been moved away. If it has been 
> removed and retouched, the inode number has changed, and thus the file 
> descriptor has become stale. Apache has the nasty habit of completely 
> breaking down when this occurs, the CoD server only stops logging.
> And since the CoD server probably doesn't support SIGHUP for 
> refreshing all file handles, you need to shut down the server before 
> rotating the log file and start it afterwards.
> Again, this is not specific to the CoD server, it is normal behavior 
> for any application, including syslogd.
> --ck

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