Log file rotation

VG Ops info at valuegaming.com
Tue Jan 27 09:55:40 EST 2004

Has anyone had any problems with setting up log file rotation. If find 
that if I move the games_mp.log file (to say games_mp.1.gz) then CoD 
does not start a new games_mp.log and wont write to an empty 
games_mp.log put in its place (a touched file). In fact, the only way I 
seem able to get cod to start writing to the log is to restart the 
server. :-(

Ideally I'd like to rotate the logs every hour as part of a cron job 
which also updates the mohstats (I don't want mohstats to keep reading 
the same data in the file and create duplicate entries in the stats).

VG ops

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