[cod] Map rotation

DLinkOZ dlinkoz at oesm.org
Wed Jan 7 14:23:16 EST 2004

Yep, it's there and loaded.  Checking the console logs the rotation is
correct at first when started, but then suddenly it's reverted to some old

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> Hi,
> If you have +exec config.cfg on your command line you should be fine.
> Make sure that the config file is in the main directory and that the
> process can read it.
> To check, watch the output in console when you start the server and you
> should see something like:
> Exec'ing config.cfg
> And if it can't see the file it will say
> Unable to execute config.cfg (or similar). You should than be able to
> see if it is reading your cnfig file.
> Josh
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> Sent: 07 January 2004 14:23
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> Subject: [cod] Map rotation
> This may have been asked, and if there's an archive please point me in
> it's
> direction.  I've changed the mapcycle and startup map within my config
> (currently config.cfg, with +exec config.cfg on the command line) but
> it's
> still using some sort of default values and not what I chose.  Is this
> being
> read from the server.cfg that's in the pak files?  If so, how can it be
> overrode?  Thanks.

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