[cod] Team Balance

MikeyDee mikeydee at usd.wli.net
Tue Jan 6 19:48:53 EST 2004

I found the mod at codfiles.com and believe it is 1.3version

I searching for the limite lives off and did not locate it.

Do you have link to your mod home page for updates?

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  Are you running version 1.4 with Limited Lives Late-Join off?  (cvar: b_limitedlives_latejoin)  If so, then I will look into limited lives during a map change.

  To change Team Balance options, the cvars b_teamBalance and b_teamBalance_grace are used.  Both are in minutes.  See, when the server first detects unbalanced teams, it waits for the b_teamBalance_grace period.  If the teams are still unbalanced then, it starts the warnings.  It first warns that teams are unbalanced.  Then, it waits the period specified by b_teamBalance.  Halfway through it gives a second warning.  Then, if teams are still not balanced after the period, it will balance the teams.

- Boco

  MikeyDee wrote: 
    Thanks I just started using your mod the other day and most are enjoying it.

    Have question though about the balance options or cvars.

    I want the game to balance more strictly so the 1 to 60 setting is that a minute timer or another variable?

    And second note when people join server some seem to sit out 3 or 4 maps in a row before they get 10 lives which I setup as limit to make it interesting?


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    My RSD mod balances teams differently then the other Team Balance mods.  The other mods always make it so you choose Auto-Assign, no matter what team you choose.  My mod lets you choose any team, but if it detects uneven teams, it warns first then re-assigns later.  You might want to be aware of the difference.

______________________________- Boco

    MikeyDee wrote: 

    Yeah I have the black hat mod and such.  I going to try out the RSD mod 1.3 version it has balance feature as well and some cool changes to the style of game.  Thanks.

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      The only one I know of Mpowells does not require any cvars.  You will always be put on the team with fewer members.

      Are you trying to run this mod with any other mods? If yes, then that could be your problem.






      From: MikeyDee [mailto:mikeydee at usd.wli.net] 
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      Subject: [cod] Team Balance

      I believe I have the mod installed correctly but I think I do not have the cvar setup correctly.

      anyone using this mod know what to change to make it force auto assign when team uneven?

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