[cod] [CoD] Tool like Adminmod or Clanmod?

Neil A. Twa neil at twastudios.com
Fri Jan 2 18:53:31 EST 2004

There is a linux version available. Not familiar with it myself, but
know there is one. I believe the gentleman that writes/wrote that
software is on this list.

Probably should wait for him to respond.

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Serverwatch would be great to use but... it's exe... where can i get the

linux version?  Or is there a way that I don't know of to run exe files.

I'm fairly new to Linux.  Running Slackware 9.1.

Josh Seaman

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>Date: Fri, 2 Jan 2004 17:25:30 -0600
>You might try server watch. I forget the URL. I think it is
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>Subject: [cod] [CoD] Tool like Adminmod or Clanmod?
>I need a tool like admin mod or clan mod to administrate my CoD
>I don`t want to give every player of my clan the rcon password.
>Anyone an Idea or an link to such tools?
>Greetz Patrick
>PS: Sorry for my bad english!!

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