[cod] error when changing to gametype SD

Josh Wright admin at jdwright.net
Sun Feb 15 16:40:34 EST 2004

Try taking out the farm.pk3 file.  It may modify the stock sd.gsc file
and be causing the error.  You can check in the pk3 to see if there is a
\maps\mp\gametypes\sd.gsc by opening it with WinRAR or the like.  Also
you may want to try renaming the farm.pk3 to zzz_farm.pk3.  In 1.1 any
pk3 that modified stock game files had to have a name starting after
'pak' in the alphabet (pal would work).  Not sure if that's fixed in 1.2
or not, as I haven't tried to run any mods on my 1.2 servers yet.
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Subject: [cod] error when changing to gametype SD
Any ideas?
here is what the server is doing when i type /rcon g_gametype SD and
then /rcon map_restart or /rcon map mp_dawnville or anything it wont o
because its on SD but if i do /rcon g_gametype HQ or TDM it changes fine
and to any map here is the error I'm getting using putty when i change
the mapcycle to load SD and i know I am doing that correct the part in
the red is the script error its giving.

/home/server7/main/pak1.pk3 (2642 files)
/home/server7/main/pak0.pk3 (12816 files)
/home/server7/main/farm2.pk3 (9 files)
/home/server7/main/localized_english_pak1.pk3 (3736 files)
/home/server7/main/localized_english_pak0.pk3 (1204 files)

File Handles:
handle 1: console_mp_server.log
59724 files in pk3 files
Sys_LoadDll(/home/server7/.callofduty/main/game.mp.i386.so)... failed
Sys_LoadDll(/home/server7/main/game.mp.i386.so)... ok
Sys_LoadDll(game) found **vmMain** at  0x409edfc0
Sys_LoadDll(game) succeeded!
------- Game Initialization -------
gamename: Call of Duty
gamedate: Jan 26 2004

******* script compile error *******
unknown function: (file 'maps\mp\gametypes\sd.gsc', line 1119)
ERROR: script compile error
(see console for details)
----- Server Shutdown -----
Resolving codmaster.activision.com
codmaster.activision.com resolved to
Sending heartbeat to codmaster.activision.com
==== ShutdownGame ====
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