Servers STILL not showing in the game browser - revisited

John Kennington john.kennington at
Thu Feb 12 07:17:31 EST 2004

I have noticed over the last couple of days a degradation in the Master
Server.  All the pings again show a value of "1" and it is dropping
servers.  A refresh shows widely disparaging numbers of servers from
1221 to 2242.  A check of the
page shows no problems.  There is something not quite right.

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Subject: RE: [cod] Re: Linux Server hangs ?!?!

This just happened to us too. At 1:51PM CST time, the server when dead.
No one can join a team all of a sudden. It has been running for 2 weeks
straight, full 24/7.

Nothing has changed on the box.

The server is a TDM server running 1.2 patch.


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 Only time I have seen it was on the first version.  Have not seen it
the patch.
Are you patched to 1.2? 

Jeremy van Doorn writes: 

> Hello everyone, 
> This morning I had a strange problem with my CoD Linux server.
> The server keeps on running, but for some reason people are not able
> join a team.

tazanimal at 

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