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scatty scatty at
Tue Feb 10 03:09:00 EST 2004

Bevor i switched sv_pure"1" i tested it with all filtersettings and a
frined of mine too and we both didn't found the server. But as we
switched the servert to pure"1" we both found the server

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Is that a bug or just "Filter Servers > Pure Servers Only > Yes" in the
ingame browser ;)

Rob Ashford aka Sac

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I think i've found the Problem.

My prob was, that my server was seen in ase an was listet in the script,
which bryan kuhn was scripting. The server was listet with no probs, but
i never saw him in the ingamebrowser. I Tried everything changed the
filterseettings an so on. But nothing happens. 

Then i found something strange. In the ingamebrowser there were just
server displayed which are switch on sv_pure "1" but i didn't found any
server with was swicth to sv_pure"0"

My server was switch on sv_pure"0" so i changed the settings to
sv_pure"1" and now my server can be found in the ingamebrowser. So this
ist the bug.!



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Hell...o Luke

I have about 35 CoD 1.2 and We just changed of IP and none of our server
are showing into ASE !!! (IP range: ports:
28960,70,80,90 depending on IP)

I tryed to let down for 30 mins one server, config_mp.cfg is empty and
chmod 400 into the base and homepath and rebooted the server... nothing
work... Seem it is a general issue and it happend "randomly"... 
I hope this will be fixed very fast or a real solution will be available
(no guessing and no "try that" because I don't have time for do
"possible" thing on every server) because people want theyr server full
and without listing into game browser (gamespy, ase or other) they stay

I deleted all CoD server into ASE and di a refresh... had about 1800
server before... now have only 460 ! And lot of server that was pinging
before have vanished... I thought it was a minor probleme before because
I saw lot of server into ASE but it was only "cached" server... 

So I think it is a major problem for all of us that run servers and
makes your game life by let people play with it online... people that
buy your game and want to fight on full servers... Hope you will release
a fix very very soon...

Le 03-Fév-04, Luke a écrit:

> This worked for me:
> Hop on one foot and spin counter-clockwise, singing the
> theme from Rocky III. Then, after 30 minutes (not 29!), reboot your
> server 3 times and it should be great!
> Seriously, I feel your frustration. What worked for me (to some
> extent) was to change the command line of the server, placing the +set

> dedicated 2 in the config file rather than the command line. No idea
> why that worked, but it did.
> Luke
> Ron Orrick said:
>> Folks,
>> I have a dedicated Linux CoD server running (1.2). Runs GREAT... but
>> I cannot get it into the browse list for the Internet. It was "off" 
>> (not running) all night long (over 6 hours) and is now online again. 
>> Shouldn't a 6 hour rest get it back in the browse list? (It appears 
>> in Favorites just fine and I can have people attach and play using
>> domain name or Ip addy).
>> I ran it using a std dm config file and ./cod_lnxded +set dedicated 2

>> + exec <config_file>
>> Any ideas?

Lestat the Vampire

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