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Nander Paardekooper akra at xs4all.nl
Tue Feb 10 02:17:35 EST 2004

Dear David,

I am interested in helping, if possible ;-).

With regards,

Nander Paardekooper.
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  We are in the final stages of development of our gaming control panel.  We have taken many months to work on this as we wanted to keep it off of the game servers and on a central site.  We are 95% done with the code and are in beta testing mode now.  Here is a brief summary of what the system does.


  Linux based gaming server


  A brief overview of the system:


  NO software needs installed on the game servers, not even a web server.


  Web Based


  One click upgrades -

              Punkbuster updates

              Call of Duty patches

              BFRM updates

              BF1942 patches

              Desert Combat patches

              Counter-Strike updates

              Soldier of Fortune II updates

              Jedi Knight: Academy updates

              Jedi Knight: Outcast updates

              RTCW Updates

              ET Updates


  Network News per IP

  Server Restarts

  Server Stops

  Server Starts

  Configuration Script modifications








  Trace routes


  Admin Features:

  Remote installs - You create the install setting and click go.  It does the rest.

  Example: You have a client who just ordered a bf1942 server. You load up the admin tool and click "create server" then you select the server type of bf1942.  The system will then ask you a series of questions and issue a remote call to the servers ip (that you select) and begin downloading and installing.  It will then install the configs you create to the correct directories.


  With our scripting engine you are able to do anything with this tool that you can do by hand.


  We are looking for a few outside parties who would be willing to help us test this.  If you are interested please visit http://forums.thebbgn.net and signup in the Gaming Panel Forum. We also have a few basic screenshots of the system.  If you are not interested simply delete this email.


  Thank You,

  David Sheeks


  S. David Sheeks

  Owner/Lead Developer - The BBGN, LLC


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