[cod] Game Types? Map Cycle?

André Rivotti Casimiro a.casimiro at mygamesplayer.com
Thu Oct 30 13:56:27 EST 2003

LOL, I haven't noticed is e-mail domain( bryan at INFINITYWARD.com). Quite
obvious... :). Keep the good work Bryan and best luck for the Infinity
Ward Team.

BTW, I've notice that there are missing some cvars like maxping,
minping, sv_privateclients, sv_privatepassword... or they don't exist no
more? And a last one, the banning system is working?

André Rivotti Casimiro

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I wrote it :)

Thursday, October 30, 2003, 9:47:54 AM, you wrote:
> Nice one Bryan where did u get that link?

>     Steve / K

> Bryan Kuhn wrote:
>> http://www.infinityward.com/cod/server%20commands.html

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