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Wed Mar 11 18:56:50 EDT 2009

realize they can't please the increasingly angry mobs outside it becomes a
bit futile for them also. So give EA a break I reckon, they do pretty well
considering they're bound to get shot at no matter what they do.

Michael Davies

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On Fri, 22 Jul 2005, Rene Belloq wrote:

> Towards the end of August, we will be releasing a new patch, 1.03. This
> patch is currently underway and will undergo thorough testing before it
> out to avoid the problems that have occurred in the past. There are over
> fixes and improvements in this patch. Here are just a few of them:

End of august? This is hilarious.

I know that either EA or DICE reads this list. But instead of releasing
140 fixes at once every 2 month, scale down and release it more often.

If the fix is minor and is not an required update, just release a patch
whenever a bugfix is fixed. The major updates should be released within a
cycle of maximum of 2 weeks. Preferable in the beginning of the week,
early on the day and not like they have done and released it at fridays.
If a mayor bug is found by the community, a hotfix should be released the
same or, lord forbid, the next day. The best sollution would be to have a
fixed time when it is released, ie 09:00 on Tuesdays.

Maybe Valve sollution with steam wasnt so bad after all...


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