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The issue is not with modding.=20

As stated in yesterday's release Battlefield 2 will be highly
supportive of modders and variations built on the BF2 engine. The
issue lies, moreover, with the fact that this is just the demo and it
is being extended beyond its intended length and feature set by
modders against the EULA.

The demo is intended to give gamers a taste of the Battlefield
experience to come rather than giving away everything in one go.

No such issue will exist with the full release.  =20

Ok, so, fair enough. We've screwed with their demo, and they didnt
want unlocks in the wild yet. But i THINK they are saying here, that
they wont bitch when we do this with the FULL version?

On 6/14/05, Neal Clayton <xayd at> wrote:
> honestly, the game isn't that great anyways.  the weapons have poor
> accuracy, it's the same laggy engine with the same bad physics and
> collision detection.
> and really it's just desert combat on a shelf for another 50 dollars
> from the looks of the first demo map.  actually i never liked desert
> combat but found it more fun than this demo.  despite their faults the
> DC team had some really slick professionally done maps.
> oh well, i'm sure both of our andreas's are listening.  you guys did
> what little good you were allowed to do, and you can always say you
> worked on one of the really revolutionary FPS games post UT/Quake/HL era
> in BF1942 i suppose.
> too bad it was published by EA, but that's not your fault ;).
> and to answer the earlier question about supporting a company that cares
> about what comes from the community of the games, the closest one to
> decent is Epic.  Id has forsaken online play with Doom3 to be just an
> engine licenser, so that leaves Epic and the Unreal franchise as the
> only company that still releases games and engines with somewhat open
> communication and technology to the player community.
> too bad their games aren't that great anymore, none of them hold a
> candle to the original UT and Unreal games, but the engine is better
> pound for pound than anything else out there and they're happy to see
> people use it.
> g8 at wrote:
> >> It's called "PR Spin".   If EA admitted to leaving the settings in
> >> the open, right in the .py files, they'd be admitting they were
> >> complete idiots, and I'm sure everyone would second guess thier
> >> thoroughness. Whoever wrote this doesn't have a fucking clue server
> >> admins even exist - as far as he's concerned, paint EA as the sole
> >> source of servers, label everything else as run by hackers,
> >> unverified, unranked, etc., and create a sense of fear for the casual
> >> nooblet to need to stick with big brother EA to be safe.
> >>
> >> I have two words for them at this point:   Suck cock
> >>
> >> Andreas, I'm sure you're sifting through this, and no disrespect
> >> intended toward you or the dev team, but damn - someone needs to
> >> stand up and put a kabosh on this bullshit, or just get out entirely.
> >>
> >> Sorry for my anger and language here guys, it's just I thought for a
> >> moment we were dealing with Valve.
> >>
> >> /BA
> >>
> >
> >
> > I agree with a lot of the sentiments here.  I'm extremely disapointed
> > with the direction things have headed with this franchise.  I'm
> > especially sad for all the fine people at DICE that have worked so
> > hard only to get played in the bigger game by some misaligned decision
> > makers.
> >
> > I have not ordered the game, probably won't and certainly will not be
> > deploying this in my hosting infrastructure.
> >
> > -g8

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