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Wed Mar 11 18:56:50 EDT 2009

logging as opposed to UDP logging - I find that with UDP logging with 
large numbers of servers I tend to see a lot of drop packets, which mean 
log lines going astray. This can mess up database consistency a little 
bit (for example, if it misses the "player has joined server" line and 
then all of a sudden that player has other records, such as he's 
killing/getting killed).

I appreciate that the resource requirements might be a bit higher to 
maintain the connection, but (for me at least) I'd probably prefer it.

Even better, an option for either would be awesome :)

-- dave

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>> I was going to ask the BBO maker to see if he would
>> consider building into BBO an auto XML transfer utility, (via
>> ftp or what ever would be good)..
> Even better would be if BF2 would support UDP-logging. I see
> the benefit of good XML-logs, but sometimes it's a whole lot
> easier to work with UDP-logs. I wrote a perl-utility that generated
> UDL-log streams of the XML-logs generated by BF, but it would
> be great if BF2 would support that out of the box.
> You might wonder why I want UDP-logging, but I think they
> are a lot easier to work with, when you are developing all
> kinds of monitoring utilities. Which I am. It is also great for
> building different kinds of "live stats".
>> Fra: Andreas Andersson <andreas.andersson at>
>> This is what the local gamespy-programmer told-me.
>> 2. The ping-entry entry has been removed recently.
> That was bad news... We regularly query our BF-servers, collecting
> ping info, plotting min, max, mean and to nice graphs using
> cacti. And this is actually very usefull info to have, since it is
> telling you a lot about the stat of your server.
>> 4. The team-info will most likely be removed in the near future.
> Removed how? Not completely I hope? How can you build
> an informative online status page for servers without it? 

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