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Wed Mar 11 18:56:50 EDT 2009

servers are using the "new" GameSpy protocol.  As a referesher, BF1942
used the "old" protocol, and BFV would respond to either the "old" or
"new" protocols, except that it's implementation of the "old" protocol
was broken if you had more than a few players on the server.

The only odd thing about the BF2 test servers' responses to status
queries that I've seen is that it makes use of a hither-to unused
(AFAIK) feature of the protocol that allows some of the server rules
parameters to have null values.  Some of the older query parsers, such
as some written for BFV, don't seem to expect this and so get screwed up
when they query a BF2 server.  Note that some of the descriptions of the
"new" GameSpy protocol don't mention this; they also have other minor
errors that wouldn't show up with BFV, but could possibly show up with a
BF2 server, so buyer beware.

Even though the protocol is the same, you get a LOT more data back from
server queries: the "rules" section of the response has gobs of
parameters we've never seen before, and the "players" section has all
kinds of new fields, like a universal player ID, rank, etc.

The best description I've found of the "new" GameSpy protocol, used for
status queries by BF2, is here:

I should have an object-oriented, reusable Perl module finished in the
next week or so (just doing some debugging now, in my "spare" time), and
it will be downloadable from:

  thiessen at

Steven Hartland wrote:

> I second that and add to it the query protocol if its changed and not
> using standard gamespy / ase queries.
>    Steve / K
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>> Will you be able to release any info on the RCON protocol for BF2?
>> Does it support the same protocol, in terms of
>> It would be nice if you could release some kind of specifications on
>> so we don't all have to use ethereal and figure it out like last
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