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Wed Mar 11 18:56:50 EDT 2009

For the hosting provider, server stability means you stick a server on a HD, run multiple instances ( and ini's) of the game from one install and except a few patches to sort out major issues, you leave it to run on itself. Any updates to the game need to be tested thoroughly before release, as you can't expect hosting providers to have a guy/ gal on stand by 24/7 in case a server decides to go down due to crappy programming. 
Hence why BF(V's) (former) issues with Punkbuster auto updates not working and the ASE problems mentioned by Steve a few times already, mean hosting providers steer clear of games like this. 

In the end, it all comes down to user base. AFAIK most of the CS players are young kids who have little to no knowledge of PC's/ servers or if they have can't be bothered with these minor details, so they're less likely to complain, because they'd have no clue what to complain about ( except lag ofcourse ;) ). Secondly, this is the BF list, so there are few CS admins here to talk about CS issues ( which IMO they shouldn't as it's way off topic here ;) ).

Anyway, my 0.02


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