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Wed Mar 11 18:56:50 EDT 2009

"FP Desert Combat .3 Alpha Out  7 Comments
00:00 PST | -1313-Evil_Homer
Well all you FilePlanet subscribers out there. Here it is, Desert Combat

    The Desert Combat team is pleased to announce the third major public
of Desert Combat. Since the first and second test was so successful, we
able to get valuable feedback and bug reports to make this mod even
Thank you so much for the support and feedback.

    Important Note: This preview is only available to FilePlanet
When you install the preview, you will be given a unique KEY. It is
that you are connected to the Internet and log into the pop-up web page
your FilePlanet account to receive this KEY. You will need this KEY to
install the preview. The KEY will only work for one user on one PC. Make
that you are connected to the Internet and your Firewall does not
EZ Pad software from verifying your KEY."

So, no. You need to be a FilePlanet Subscriber to download and install

I have no idea why they chose this method of distributing it, since it
prevent at least one willing beta-tester (for alpha-software?) from
installing it, namely me.

On Wednesday 02 April 2003 12.21, s.murmann wrote:
> I logged ib  but there were NO free servers
> High-Speed Servers for FilePlanet Subscribers only :(
> Isn´t there an other way to get it ??
> PS: Filename: desert_combat_gsi.exe
> See ya

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