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Wed Mar 11 18:56:50 EDT 2009

broken at this stage of the Linux server BETA.  On your client, go to
"Internet" instead, then "Add Server."  Use the same IP that you have set in
your ServerSettings.con for your "game.setServerIP" -- could be either your
private or public IP.

For example, if you set the server to bind to your public IP in the config
(so it publishes to GameSpy, ASE, etc.), then a client attempt to connect to
your private IP will fail.  But an attempt to connect to the public IP will
work just fine.


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> Hi,
> > > But when the server is started, it never shows up
> >
> > You have to specify the IP on the client side...
> >
> > Add the server and the port (which defaults to 14567 or whatever you set
> > it in your,) and you should be able to connect...
> Okay - but how do I set the game server address (I'm new into BF1942 with
> local gameserver) ?? I thought I just had to go into Multiplay -> Local ..
> and then maybe click "Update" one or to times (if the server announced
> itself using broadcasts).
> Regards,
> /Brian

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