[bf1942] BF2 Server Crashes and starts Map Roation again.

Jani Partanen jiipee at sotapeli.fi
Sun Jan 21 09:08:46 EST 2007

And it was damn mess to users! Daemon itself was great, is great. But GUI is
worst I ever used.

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> Why oh why didn't they just hire the people that did the 
> server manager for BF1942... it was smaller, faster, more 
> stable, and it was still patched a few weeks ago!
> > For starters Bf2cc has an exploit where someone can gain 
> admin rights 
> > to the game server. When I asked Brandon about the patch for it he 
> > said he will have to rewrite the code and that he was not 
> going to do. 
> > At that time he just got hired by EA to do BF2CC.
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