[bf1942] BF2 Server Crashes and starts Map Roation again.

"Einar S. Idsø" esi at itk.ntnu.no
Sun Jan 21 07:41:08 EST 2007

So what you are saying is essentially this: "Our server just crashed,
and it's only been a month since last time"? Surely you must be joking!
If your servers don't crash more often than that, then you should praise
yourself lucky!


xSmacks wrote:
> Hello, i hope you can help me.
> Im runnig 2 BF2Servers on one machine with BF2ccd on a Suse 64Bit Root
> without Problems.
> The Gameservers seem to be stable til yesterday.
> 30 people were connected at the 64 slot one as the message "Connection
> Problems" ( I dont know the english prompt, i have a german BF2)
> appeared and all gamers lost connection to the Server. It wa still in
> Gamespy list and running, but the Mapcycle started again at the first map.
> All people joined again and we coul play for the rest of the night.
> Thats was the second time this bug happend. Whats the reason?
> In the server dir was a *.core file generated, but dont know how to read
> the reason out of it.
> Does the bf2ccd (mono process) needs to be restarted when its running
> for over a month? Or is it a bug of the 1.41 Gameserver?
> Hope you can help
> Greats
> xsmacks
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