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Tim J Shackleton tim at
Thu Jan 11 02:54:01 EST 2007

Hi all,

This may have been discussed previously, or lamented previously..

I have a machine running a clean install of Debian stable, and the 1.41 server.  Punkbuster is up to date, firewalling is correct...

But some very very strange things are happening on it.

For example.  The gameplay on the server is fine, until some random point where people suddenly are not able to be killed, people in prone cannot stand, while standing people cannot prone, explosives don't, grenades don't explode, flags don't cap, teammates can't be killed..  (not that anyone would ever do that of course).

Is this a known bug?  I have reinstalled both the OS and the server package (after checking the MD5 and so on) but am getting the same result.

The machine is a 4 core machine.  I have used schedutils to lock bf2 to one CPU.  I have also recompiled the kernel without SMP support - no change.  I have run the server without battlerecorder, without punkbuster - no change.

Can anyone offer any clues?  This is both embarassing and driving me slowly insane.

Thanks all,

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