[bf1942] [BF1942] BF2 Linux Server

mythos mythosmc at verizon.net
Fri Nov 17 22:37:16 EST 2006

I've tried that, punk buster wont even start in the server console, at all..
I can't send any pb_ commands in the bf2 server console. There's no response
from the pb server, and I cant even see the error log of what is going
wrong, because there doesn't seem to be one.

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Just go to www.evenbalance.com and update your PB manually or use pbsetup

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> Anyone know where I can get the linux version of 1.4 server, full.. (not
> 1.41) I recently changed hosts, tried to use my old install of bf2server,
> and pb wouldn't start.. so I need the installer, any assistance would be
> nice.. :) ps. I tried to download from the ea site, and the gamershell
> download link was corrupted.
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