[bf1942] BF2 in Windows - pointers?

Joe sechon at blackmud.com
Sat Mar 25 09:06:21 EST 2006

AFAIK, the drivers are merely for "Cool & Quiet" (or "Crash & Quiet", as
I sometimes call it) which will flip the voltage/clock speed up and down
on the cpu in an attempt to run it at lower temps when the CPU isn't
under load. I've used it on a few boards with a few diff amd64 chips and
every time it's introduced instability. To disable the C&Q 'features',
you set the "power scheme" of the PC away from "minimal power
management" (unless they've changed that by now).

You should be A-OK without drivers, and I personally suggest not
installing the AMD CPU driver.

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Thank you all for your very helpful suggestions! I'll make sure to fix
the paging size (don't think I'll spend 2x4GB of my 34GB drive on swap,
though!), go over services again to make sure everything is switched
off, look into FireDaemon and Giel's daemon, turn off the firewall and
so forth.

As for drivers: There are some drivers for AMD CPUs and other specific
hardware out there. Are they really necessary, or is Windows 2003 server
fine after a default install without the additional cruft?

Thanks again,

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