[bf1942] BF2 in Windows - pointers?

Robert Mount rmount at pobox.com
Wed Mar 22 11:14:52 EST 2006


- Consider firedaemon, it'll make your life easier.  All my BF2
servers (running BF2CC) run from Firedaemon.  
http://www.firedaemon.com, i also run srcdsfpsboost from Firedaemon.
- Remove IIS and other unneeded services: Control Panel | Add Remove
Programs | Add Remove Windows Components | uncheck everything except
"Internet Explorer Enhanced Security Config" and "Update Root Certs"
- Set a fixed paging file size, typically 2x your physical ram size. 
You can spread it over multiple physical disks for better performance.
- Stop unneeded services: A good site for reference:
- Rename the Administrator user to another name.
- Remove everything from Network services except TCP/IP: Right click
on "My Network Places" | Choose "Properties" | Right click on "Local
Area Connection" and select "Properties".  Uncheck all the boxes
except "Internet Protocol".

Make sure you have a DNS resolver configured so your BF2 servers don't crash :-)

I don't have any R2 servers, so i'm not sure any caveats about it. 
That's all i have right now, i'm sure others will provide input.


On 3/22/06, "Einar S. Idsø" <esi at itk.ntnu.no> wrote:
> Hi!
> We are currently playing around with running BF2 under Windows 2003
> server instead of Linux. Since we have no previous experience with
> Windows servers, I was hoping to get some quick pointers on this forum
> as to what is smart to do.
> We're using a plain Windows 2003 Server r2 installation. No services
> have been enabled. The system is an HP blade with dual Opteron 250.
> Firewall is on by default. I assume it's better to turn it off? Or
> should we keep it on, considering that Windows is Windows...?
> We're running the srcdsfpsboost.exe tool to increase the framerate
> (similar to running Media player or an sfw in the background).
> What else should we think about? Are there for instance drivers that
> need to be installed to achieve optimal performance? I am a Windows n00b
> with very little time - please educate me :)
> Cheers,
> Einar
> Kybber, Servermanager @ Battlefield.no

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