[bf1942] Rcon Gui under linux

Christian satanic.surfer.666 at web.de
Wed Jul 12 11:53:03 EDT 2006


> This tool is something I look for.
> I think I'll add some translation (french + english) and I'll try to convince
> our webmaster to do some job for the authentification to make it united with
> mysql
There was another, rcon only tool from www.fragthe.net. But the page 
from this tool:


is down since 6 month... :-(
Maybe you can ask at the fragthe.net forum why the page is down...

>> HLSW from www.hlsw.de has a rcon part for bf2 servers and runs fine with 
>> wine...
> I would prefer a tool that run natively under linux.
Shure a native tool is better, but as i wrote in the last mail hlsw with 
wine works here without a problem. And i think every/most of the linux 
users has wine installed at his pc... :-)


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