[bf1942] PunkBuster LOG Lost Connection

raW raw at sasklan.com
Sun Jan 1 14:12:41 EST 2006

OK here is an update from my isp 
Box is humming along at 22% CPU, 4Mbps, 0% packet loss.
There are no network issues at our facility.

It's possible that an interexchange router is undergoing maintenance outside
of our network, in between us and some end-users, which would result in some
lost connections. It is also possible that IGN/Gamespy is undergoing
maintenance, as a loss of connection to the master will cause dropped

Generally, issues like this are brief and require no action on our part.

If the issue becomes chronic, please let us know so that we can bark up the
right tree.

Sounds logical
So im still at squard one 

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Thank you will update when I find out more information 

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On Sun, 1 Jan 2006 12:48:12 -0500
"raW" <raw at sasklan.com> wrote:

> Thanks again for your input I'm starting to think it's network issues
> because I have been talking to a few people who are in that list that
> I posted and they just get a msg saying disconnected from server and
> one person claims they got a msg from gamespy I never knew Anything
> about that? Thanks again

ModManager has a debug log option.  It's been a while since I've used
it, but it may show when players disconnect.   Seeing as it's at the
game level and not PunkBuster, it should hide PB's logged "disconnects"
at map changes which may give you a more accurate indication.

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