[bf1942] To Andreas: Linux vs. Windows

Mikael Bååth mikaelbaath at gmail.com
Sat Feb 18 05:12:06 EST 2006

On 2/15/06, "Einar S. Idsø" <esi at itk.ntnu.no> wrote:
> Windows server is at least 10% more efficient than the Linux server.

Impossible. You must have the wrong information here. Perhaps the
windows version of the BF2 server is 10% more efficient than the linux
version of the BF2 server. Windows cannot under any circumstances
compete with linux or unix. If someone has done such a test, the
windows box must have been really tweaked for the test, and the linux
box must have had all the wrong configs. Even with that, I strongly
doubt the Windows server could give 10% more FPS when running.

One fact which I always use when talking about windows servers and
linux servers. If you join a local linux server, you get 0 ping. If
you join a local windows server, you get 10-20. And, by Local I mean
on a correctly configured LAN with 100Mbit and not much other traffic.
Not to be confused with localhost.

Forget about windows. Wherever you heard it from, it's propably based
on tests biased by m$ funding. It always is.

Mikael "FireLynx" Bååth
European Battlefield 2 League founder.

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