[bf1942] Hardware.

kama kama at pvp.se
Wed Apr 26 16:16:31 EDT 2006

I'll check out the costs for 275's instead, I just got how much money I
can spend and going through with 285's will just go over my budget.

4GB and SCSI is the default configuration on all our boxes and I will
preferably not go around that.


On Wed, 26 Apr 2006, Steven Hartland wrote:

> BF2 runs best on AMD hardware in our experience. The 285 are top
> of the range CPU's and you will pay for the nose for them. I'd
> suggested using 275 instead which are much more reasonably priced
> and will run 4 * 64 player servers no problems on a dual 275 machine.
> 4Gb of ram is also overkill for BF2 2Gb will do you fine. 15k scsi
> the same, consider raid edition SATA instead.
>     Steve
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> From: "kama" <kama at pvp.se>
> > I am in the middle of buying new hardware for setting up BF2-servers and
> > are wondering what path we should go for best performance.
> >
> > The choices are either (all w 4GB RAM, 2*73 15krpm, SA6i, Dual CPU):
> >
> > HP DL380 G4 3.4GHz
> > HP DL385 G4 AMD Opteron 285    (DualCore)
> > HP DL385 G4 AMD Opteron 2.8GHz (SingleCore)
> >
> > I have never worked with Opterons in a gaming environment.
> >
> > I will also run them under win2003, or are there any other windows version
> > that are preferable over 2003?
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