[bf1942] bf2_pure server variable

GaMMa chamaeleo at arcor.de
Fri Apr 7 18:41:34 EDT 2006


> In fact this is something that PunkBuster does. You will need to
> configure it to do so however, and it will allow the player to join the
> server, though he/she will get kicked after a while if an inconsistency
> is found. Just check out www.punksbusted.com it contains information on
> how to set your server up to ustilize punkbuster for this cause.

That's true, still PunkBuster does not do this if you don't add the MD5
checks from www.punksbusted.com manually. Many servers don't have these
checks. And of course PunkBuster doesn't check the whole client data,
but only a little bit each time, otherwise it would create lags. And
"Verifying Client Data" takes so long because _everything_ is checked
before you can enter the server if "bf2_pure" is "1".


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