[bf1942] bf2_pure server variable

GaMMa chamaeleo at arcor.de
Thu Apr 6 04:37:34 EDT 2006


The funny thing is:
I already knew about this tutorial.
And I am German BTW ;-)

But first the tutorial didn't work for me!

Finally I found the mistake in the German tutorial yesterday:
The files "std_archive_mod.md5" must be renamed to "std_archive.md5"
after downloading!

After doing that and restarting my server was pure and verifying client
data took it's time again...


Christian schrieb:
> Hi!
> I have only a german how-to:
> http://bf.scene-net.de/index.php?open=tutorials&action=show&id=13&kat=2
> but you can use a translation page like
> http://www.translate.ru
> or
> http://world.altavista.com
> to translate the page...
> -- 
> Chris
> GaMMa schrieb:
>> Hello,
>> how can I get my Linux unranked server to show up as "bf2_pure 1" in a
>> serverbrowser like ASE? (In the built-in BF2 serverbrowser this is the
>> green screen icon in the serverlist)
>> There are a lot of Linux servers out there with "bf2_pure 0" (even
>> ranked servers) but I didn't find a single windows server, they all seem
>> to have "bf2_pure 1".
>> "Verifying Client Data" is performed *VERY* quickly on those "bf2_pure
>> 0" linux boxes, and I fear that there are a lot of linux servers out
>> there where you can just disable fog by simply modifying your client
>> files. PunkBuster doesn't check this stuff.
>> I searched the web a lot about "bf2_pure" but didn't find any useful
>> information. The only interesting forum threads I found end without any
>> answer:
>> http://www.bf2cc.com/forums/viewtopic.php?t=3120
>> http://www.bf2cc.com/forums/viewtopic.php?t=2350
>> My problem is, I can't find any way to enable "bf2_pure 1" on my BF2
>> linux server. Any ideas?
>> Greetings
>> =]LC[=MrBrown
>> www.legioncondor.net

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