bf2_pure server variable

GaMMa chamaeleo at
Wed Apr 5 18:08:15 EDT 2006


how can I get my Linux unranked server to show up as "bf2_pure 1" in a
serverbrowser like ASE? (In the built-in BF2 serverbrowser this is the
green screen icon in the serverlist)

There are a lot of Linux servers out there with "bf2_pure 0" (even
ranked servers) but I didn't find a single windows server, they all seem
to have "bf2_pure 1".

"Verifying Client Data" is performed *VERY* quickly on those "bf2_pure
0" linux boxes, and I fear that there are a lot of linux servers out
there where you can just disable fog by simply modifying your client
files. PunkBuster doesn't check this stuff.

I searched the web a lot about "bf2_pure" but didn't find any useful
information. The only interesting forum threads I found end without any

My problem is, I can't find any way to enable "bf2_pure 1" on my BF2
linux server. Any ideas?


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