[bf1942] Patch news

David Stevens dave at netdefense.ca
Thu Sep 22 09:58:19 EDT 2005


"When its done"

This will remarkably coincide with the release of the expansion pack.

Well, to be fair, the patch will be released a little while before the
expansion..  maybe 3 - 6 days.

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someone know when the patch is going gold?


David Stevens schrieb:

>"'Dolphin Diving' does look pretty wierd, i agree, we are keeping an eye on
>this issue and may address it in an upcoming patch"
>Pout..  no fix on bunnyhopping..  losers.
>"#15 why is the game so big? isnt it a known fact less yet organised code
>easier to maintain and contains less bugs?
>You're probably right, but if we didn't make Battlefield BIG, it wouldn't
>LOL,  If you learned to OPTIMIZE CODE, you wouldn't be EA!
>"#16 what are the main fixes in this patch?
>I think one of the more popular ones will be that players have to get out
>a Blackhawk to capture a flag. Now in a full Blackhawk only the pilot
>in the flag capture raduis."
>The real reason that its taking 6 months for a patch..
>"#35 In the new patch, can a person chance nickname, or maybe just clan
>You will ba able to add a 6 character prefix"
>"#47 which IDE are you using for developing? MS Visual Studio?
>Ooops, that's the REAL reason its taking 6 months and the code isn't
>Well, enough of my quips and gripes.  Anyone else?
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